Starston Parish Council


The Village Plan results from the villagers of Starston forming a committee to plan the future of the village, holding meetings and using questionaires. The culmination of all their hard work and enthusiasm is a 20-page full-colour booklet. As the designer I felt very much a part of the team, given free reign to choose those illustrations which best suited and enhanced the content of each page. The cover photograph was taken at my suggestion by committee member Jane German. Showing: front cover, page 1, pages 4-5, pages 8-9 and pages 14-15. The aerial photo of Starston village [opposite page 1, inside front cover] continues onto the inside back cover

Starston Village Plan cover Starston Village Plan page 1 Starston Village Plan pages 4 and 5 Starston Village Plan pages 8 and 9 Starston Village Plan pages 14 and 15