Case Study: Garden Festival and Croquet Tournament


Keith Lawson and Fressingfield Parish Council


A Gardens Festival [open gardens and events] and Croquet Tournament, held to raise money for the Restoration of the bells of Fressingfield parish church of St Peter and St Paul.

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Shown here for the Garden Festival: poster [logo provided]; programme cover and letterheading, and for the Croquet Tournament: swing tickets [back - same for all, and then for guests, players and committee members]; scorecard for the players, and the publicity poster.

Fressingfield Garden Festival poster Fressingfield Garden Festival programme cover Fressingfield Garden Festival letter heading
Croquet Tournament swing ticket back Croquet Tournament swing ticket guest Croquet Tournament swing ticket player Croquet Tournament swing ticket committee Croquet Tournament Players' Score Card, front Croquet Tournament Players' Score Card, flap Croquet Tournament Players' Score Card, inside Poster to advertise Croquet Tournament